Who Are We?


Disruptive Marketing Solutions is a full-service creative firm specializing in public relations, branding, talent publicity, social media, influencer and brand ambassadors, sports marketing and athlete endorsement deals. With a diverse roster that encompasses renowned actors, professional athletes, nationally recognized non-profit organizations and health and wellness companies, we offer customized strategies that help our clients stand out from the crowd. We work with individuals and companies who are not afraid to push the envelope and are willing to boldly make a statement with disruptive marketing solutions. 


If your goal is emulate others in your industry or copy what your competitors are doing, then we’re probably not for you and you should choose a reputable, run-of-the-mill, conservative, squeaky clean “vanilla” agency to handle your branding or your business. You’ll blend in nicely with the crowd and can sleep well at night from never taking any risks. But you’ll also probably never experience the great rewards that come from disruptive marketing.

Our team of professionals brings more than 30+ years of experience working on national and global campaigns.


Disgruntled with having their wings clipped by ho-hum marketing plans with no sizzle and creative directors with no vision, we brought our expertise to Disruptive Marketing Solutions to allow our imaginations to soar. Because of our commitment, dedication and meticulous attention to strategy and deliverables, our disruptions have helped us grow our business from referrals from satisfied clients. Whether you’re looking for positive exposure from national or worldwide media outlets, a digital marketing campaign, social media strategies, product placements in television and  film, athlete endorsement deals or publicity for trade shows or special events, contact us only if you’re ready to go out on a limb and cause a disruption!

Partner Feedback:

“I have worked with Rhonda Price and Ursula Zamora in a professional capacity for about 10 years now and it has always been a pleasure!! They are so efficient, friendly and easy to work with and their knowledge of the industry is also a huge asset!"

-Rachael Honowitz Cosgrove, http://giftbagsbyrachael.com/

for more information contact us at info@disruptive-marketingsolutions.com