Public Relations
Sports Marketing

We’ll complement and amplify your existing marketing plan or create a new one customized just for you.

Whether it’s crisis management to handle the unexpected, pitching media outlets worldwide, or managing red carpet events, we’ve got you covered!

We work with all professional, major league and minor league teams to gain the most exposure for your business.

Athlete Endorsements
Celebrity Endorsements
Brand Ambassadors and Influencers

We specialize in MMA (UFC and Bellator), NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB SUP and more! If you’re an athlete and at the start or the peak of your career, let us explore lucrative endorsement opportunities for you.

We regularly secure six-figure deals for actors, directors, and public figures for appearances, social media posts, special events and more. Our scope is global and our last contracts were finalized in Europe and China!

Digital content is important, but it’s so 2016. This year the trendiest companies are utilizing the power of brand ambassadors and influencers to enhance their marketing campaigns. Let us take the guesswork out of finding the right ambassador or influencer to make an immediate impact on your brand.

Social Media

No time to tweet, suspicious of Snapchat and running out of cutesy Instagram memes? Let us grow and maintain your social media accounts while increasing engagement. Cause a disruption that will rock the social landscape!

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