Disruptive Marketing Solutions….who ARE these crazy chicks?!

In a nutshell, we’re wildly creative ladies (just like you!) with more than 30 years of experience in the Natural Products Industry. We’ve worked with sick people, healthy people, celebrities, athletes, cookbook authors, the United States Olympics Committee, USA Track & Field, YouTube divas and more, but what has always excited us the most is working with bloggers, brand ambassadors, and social media influencers. Why? Because we appreciate the opportunity to get to know you, find out what matters to you, and see if we can learn from each other!

For almost 15 years, we worked for a large company and helped them become the #1 brand in the Natural Products Industry. There’s a chance we’d still be there now if the wheels of corporate America and a huge private equity firm had not come crashing down on us. We had a small pity party for a while, until we realized our address books were overflowing with people who still cared about us. And from reading your blogs and social posts every day for years, we’ve always been inspired by strong women persevering, pursuing their passions and bouncing back time after time when the world knocks them down. So we decided to get back up and cause a commotion – and Disruptive Marketing Solutions was born!

We’re excited about this new journey because we’re no longer limited to just one company. We are consulting with brands that are unique and exceptional in some way and helping them cause a health disruption! We have kids, significant others, dogs, cats, husbands, “wasbands” and BFF’s just like you, so we take all of these vitamins, supplements, protein powders, and bars so that we are 100 percent comfortable when we ask you to try them! We look forward to bringing you new, innovative products to try and share with your audiences and exploring ways we can work and grow together.

Oh, and being DISRUPTIVE because no one can hold us down!

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for more information contact us at info@disruptive-marketingsolutions.com